Sunday, April 6, 2014

Challenge #17 DIY Flowers

Hi There! Come join us over at Scrapbook Blessings Club for Challenge #17. Making our own flowers is something that each design team member has taken on and they are showing exactly what they did. So you can share with us a method you already know or pick up a few methods that you may want to give a try. 
I want to share with you a way to make your own flowers out of paper. The flower design that I used on this card I started making last year. I remember being at a crop with some of my girlfriends and playing with the paper and the idea. 

What I did to create the flower was to take a patterned paper that I really liked and cut into half inch strips that are about 4 inches long. This can be shrunk down or cut larger depending on how big of a flower you want. I then took my paper piercer and pierced through the end of the strip on both sides. I folded the strips over but make sure that you don't crease it because these will create the petals of your flower. 

When I was making this I wanted to use the pink button for the center of the flower but needed something to hold it all together rather than trying to glue it all down which I'm sure would work also but I'm not that patient! So I used a large brad to secure all the strips and it also created a flat back that made it easier to attach once it was made. I also used a glue dot to adhere the button center and glued it to the brad. 

The rest of the card is pretty basic, I am in the middle of moving my room around and most of my items are displaced. I did however have access to my Bic markers so that is what I used. I drew the stem and leaves with a pencil then went over them with markers did some light blending but nothing really precise and them used my Sakura gel pens to add some glitter to the flower and the stem itself. 

The sentiment is a sticker that I had in my stash and I thought it worked well with keeping the card clean and simple. At first I wasn't sure if I was happy with it but the more time has passed I think it turned out cute albeit simple. 

Some come on and give it a try I'm sure that will be at least one or two that will give you the flower power to whip something creative up. You can also enter to win here, we would love to see what you make! 

Keep on Crafting,

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